It’s a good idea to start your garden design with a home consultation and a blank sheet of paper.

A stroll through the garden will allow us to grasp the nature of the space we are dealing with, which gives us an idea what changes will be possible.

During the garden consultation, we will approach the planning process in a series of uncomplicated steps:

  • A feel for your property, your vision and desires
  • How to make the best use of space
  • Developing a garden style
  • Applying your wish list and establishing a framework
  • Understanding the principle of planting

We are still offering 15 minute consultations by email only – Please select the “15 Minute Consultations” option
on our Contact Us form.

SALES CONSULTATION:  Up to 2 hours on site, $350 fee*

Assuming a customer wishes to have work done professionally and needs functional / logistic help, cost breakdowns- this consultation can include rough sketches and detailed written estimates but not plans.

GARDEN CONSULTATION:  Up to 2 hours on site, $350 fee*

In depth teaching session and can include aspects of design & horticultural information. The garden owner is advised to take notes. Learn about fertilizing, pruning, transplanting, identification of plants, problems and problem areas. Many owners just need help to redo or set priorities. Rough sketches can be drawn for some areas.


These hand-rendered or conceptual sketches will summarize the consultation and is an option for clients in need of a planting plan for a small to medium size space.

*fee payable at time of initial consultation


A great option to bring photos, sketches or plans of your garden and have it reviewed by one of the landscape professionals at Artistic. We can make sure it’s suitable and suggest alternative planting options if required.

COMPUTERIZED DESIGN: fees starting at $800 Click here for a sample!

A scaled landscape development plan will be prepared to address all aspects discussed during the home consultation, complete with plant legend, photos of proposed ideas, care sheets, and information folder.

3D RENDERED CONCEPT: fees starting at $800 Click here for a sample!

  • If you wish an “identification plan”, it can be provided at a small extra charge
  • Please note: Consultation on your plant-care is available at our office


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